Holding space

My basic assumption is that there is a longing for peace and freedom in each of us. With my osteopathic work I address everyone who feels the desire to unfold their potential.

Besides the individual work, from spring 2020 my book TOUCH THE CORE. DIE TIEFE BERÜHREN.impulse lectures, workshops and time-outs offer a framework and space for encounters with oneself and others. More about this on www.touch-the-core.com



The first meeting is characterized by the creation of a common space. Security, authenticity, openness and honesty, as well as, in particular, trust are fundamental prerequisites to enable change. First, there is space to explain the reason for the visit. Through listening, there is an opportunity to make a clearer location for themselves. Targeted questions support the process. This is followed by a brief, non-evaluative analysis of physique and posture. The hands exclusively operate the examination from foot to head.

After that a hypothesis is formulated where problems, where compensatory overloads are. And especially where access to the resources for healing is.



The costs for an initial appointment are 101 euros. Subsequent dates are charged 77 euros. I see patients between two and six times.

The cost of osteopathic treatment is now taken over by some statutory health insurance funds on a proportionate basis. In some cases there are other funding opportunities. Talk to me if necessary.

The hypothesis is checked by trying to open up that access with a first short treatment. The hypothesis can be refined from the knowledge of what changes and does not change until a second meeting. From the second appointment, more treatment will take place.

An hour is scheduled for the first appointment, and approximately 45 minutes for follow-up appointments. If necessary, shorter or longer treatment times may also be required.

The interval between appointments is usually three to six weeks. At the latest from the third date a marked relief should occur - otherwise, alternative (complementary) medical approaches may have to be considered. Complaints which last only a short time usually require only 2-3 treatments, long existing complaints rather 4-6 appointments

Here is an overview. Some insurers demand an informal medical recommendation. The simplest form is a private prescription (e.g., 6x osteopathic treatement). My education meets the criteria of the statutory health insurance. I am also a member of the Association Osteopathieschule Deutschland.




After my training as a physiotherapist and a further education in manual therapy and chiropractic my path brought me after several years of professional experience to osteopathy. At the Osteopathieschule Deutschland (OSD), I have learned a lot from experienced osteopaths and teachers as part of my studies, completed with a Bachelor's and Master's degree.

In different course series, in my work with people and in self-study, I intensively deepen my experience every day in a highly interesting area: the field in which scientific knowledge from embryology, biology and medicine touches with aspects of philosophy, depthpsychosomatics and psychology of prenatal and early childhood experiences.

This progressively changes my way of thinking, feeling, and working. I have been working with people for more than fifteen years. Since having completed my osteopathic studies,I have been able to meet more than 3,500 people in my rooms.

I have realized from very early on that every therapist is at risk of projecting his own issues on his clients. In addition to professional training, I have therefore worked up my own issues in different ways - even if this is presumably a never-ending process. This is accompanied by a steady increase in integration and unfolding. Only to the depths where I was myself can I accompany a patient.

Together, my wonderful wife and me are walking through life. In 2008 and 2011 we were presented with two precious daughters. To witness the growing up of my children makes me experience how early life is already influenced and shaped.



Please feel free to get in touch:

● Using the contact form

● By e-mail

● By SMS or Threema to +49 176 64 22 88 02

● by phone at +49 711 12 15 11 11 (voice mailbox)

Practice (by appointment)

Monday 6 a.m.-12:30 p.m. and 5 p.m.-9 p.m.

Tuesday 6 a.m.-11:45 a.m. and 3 p.m.-6 p.m.

Wednesday 6 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Thursday closed

Friday 6 a.m.- 12:45 p.m.  and 2:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.


The practice is located in Stuttgart-Vaihingen’s south. By car, you can reach the practice well. There is sufficient parking space.

By public transport you can reach me by the lines S1, S2, S3, U1, U3, U8, 80, 84 to station Stuttgart-Vaihingen, from there it’s a ten minutes foot-walk or from  the station Stuttgart-Vaihingen take the bus line 81 (Dürrlewang), 82 (Rohr) or 86 (Leinfelden/Tübingen) to the next stop "Waldburgstraße", from there it’s only a 2-3 minute walk.

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