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Seeing the beauty

Previously, in physiotherapy it was about helping people. With a certain amount of physical effort, strength and dynamics, I have tried to help people. Unconsciously I tried to give them something they lacked. This has also been reflected in my osteopathic work in the early years. But the constant change of life requires an everlasting adaptation and orientation to what one encounters. Thus, over the past few years, my work has become more and more quiet, peaceful and subtle. It is less and less about doing, it is not about giving the client something or taking something from them. To believe, being able to do so is in some terms already presumptuous. I would place myself above the clients in the illusion being better, bigger or smarter than them. Everyday encounters have taught me to develop an absolute trust in the intelligence of the human soul and the body that lives through it. I humbly bow to this intelligence and the natural laws of creation. Today, my work is about companionship. It is more and more about providing myself to the client. Simply to be there like a midwife. Carried and connected. It is not in my power to make the world different. But I offer space. A space of encounter and touch where my clients can simply be –without expectations, without requirements. In most everyday relationships, there are no such conditions. One gives too much, takes too much or gets too little. The more you enter into a space of awareness, the more awareness develops that there is still much more space outside or beyond of relationships. A space in which one can discover how much beauty already is in life - and has always been there and will always be there. That’s the gift that brings truly felt gratitude and burgeoning self-love.

It's a bit like eating: how many people manipulate and control their food, and yet become weak again. Others eat too much and are saturated - or nevertheless empty. Or they are fed up, but then lazy. It is a superficial perception of what food is used for (and serving for). Therefore, all of these approaches are doomed to failure if you do not look at the level below. Food has something to do with enjoyment. It has something to do with the love that is put into the preparation, which is absorbed together with the food’s colours. It has something to do with being part of a group. But it's not about saturation. On the contrary, it is about being nourished and staying hungry at the same time: Hungry for what is not saturating, but for what nourishes: more liveliness, more life, more love, more self-love.

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