We are looking for connectedness Feel connectedness in home and at home in the nakedness and vulnerability that becomes visible -often flight and expulsion are resulting. when we take off the clothes and masks of everyday life that make us believe that we are different or special. We are looking for connectedness in religion and faith Feel connectedness -often war and terror are resulting. when anger is around, anxiety spreads, laughter catches you, the spark skips, We are looking for connectedness joy is overflowing and emotions are allowed to flow. in science and rating -out of that, right and wrong, good and bad are arising. Feel connectedness in illness, suffering and pain, We are looking for connectedness even more in being faced with death, in the circle of friends, in relationships, in marriage reminding us of the unifying finiteness of bodily existence. -often manipulation, hate and jealousy are resulting. Feel connectedness We are looking for connectedness in loneliness and silence in the virginity of nature in which you could encounter your self, - often disturbance of peace and destruction of mother earth are resulting. your true roots, your true source and the connectedness of everything.

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